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Lazy photographers throughout have benefited from the technological wonder of Image Stabilization. It's that little miracle we discover built into lenses (plus some camera bodies) nowadays. Photographers much like me now have another excuse not to lug around a tripod. With the current generation of IS technology promising a 3-stop advantage, who wouldn't want it?

Unfortunately, it's expensive. Additionally, it isn't on most lenses. And for prime shooters like me, it's really a rare thing to locate. So, I want to share my alternative when ever cheap beats by dre wireless headphones just don't have IS available (VR for the Nikon shooters). I call it "Poor Man's Image Stabilization." Now, granted, if cheap beats by dre wireless headphones are shooting with any of today's digital SLRs, cheap beats by dre wireless headphones're much from as being a "poor man". Just humor me on that time.

So here's the trick. To obtain a sharp image while hand-holding at slower shutter speeds, cheap beats by dre wireless headphones need to simply do a few things. First, set cheap beats by dre wireless headphones camera's shooting mode to "continuous" so that cheap beats by dre wireless headphones can fire off shots in rapid succession. My 5D shoots 3 frames per second, that is plenty fast enough for this technique to work.

Second, after focusing and composing cheap beats by dre wireless headphones shot, gently depress and hold the shutter release button while firing off 3 quick images. My experience implies that a minumum of one from the three images is going to be sharp. For me personally it's usually the next image, but sometimes the 3rd. What is happening is that cheap beats by dre wireless headphones are eliminating that subtle camera movement brought on by depressing the shutter release button. On the 2nd and 3rd frames, cheap beats by dre wireless headphones hands tend to be steady.

This is not a cure all and won't work for every situation, but I think it is works nearly as much as actual IS technology does for me. How many stops are cheap beats by dre wireless headphones going to gain with this technique? cheap beats by dre wireless headphones'll have to figure that out on cheap beats by dre wireless headphones own. I find I'm easily obtaining Three or four stops. What's really cool, is that cheap beats by dre wireless headphones could also do this on an IS lens and gain much more compared to 3-stops the technology has already been providing cheap beats by dre wireless headphones with.

Listed here are a few (incredibly boring) photos I shot at the zoo today to demonstrate the point. I had the 200 f2.8 prime lens on my 5D. I stopped it down to f/16 to find the alligator sharp from front to back. This left me with a 1/50 second shutter speed; WAY too slow to handhold my 200mm lens and expect anything really sharp. So I just rapidly fired off three images in continuous mode. Below there is a first image (blurry) and the second image (sharp). The third image looks like the second image so I am not posting it.

I someone who utilizes a tripod 99.99% of the time. I don utilize it to counter trembling camera. I personally use it to allow precise framing and composition of a shot. Different strokes for different folks since this won apply to plenty of shooting - sports action come to mind. However, if what cheap beats by dre wireless headphones shooting isn going anywhere soon and cheap beats by dre wireless headphones've got multiple shot opportunities a tripod is the greatest Is certainly going - and cheap beats by dre wireless headphones composition will improve greatly as well. It helps cheap beats by dre wireless headphones feel a much better photographer by forcing cheap beats by dre wireless headphones to *slow down* and see.

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